Youth Empowering Sustainable Development Goals by WHD

Sep 04: The role of youth in today’s world is predominant as youth seek for more arenas in every element of global development through their determination to succeed, and it is WHD vision to empower them to do greater things for their nation and world. 

This is one such event organized by WHD Yemen Chapter Secretary-General Dr. Fouad ALGhaffari to strengthen the ties of youth with the understanding & vision of SDGs of the UN, as any hard task can be accomplished with the right minds of youth. During this event, WHD Yemen chapter members voiced their support for the UN to declare the 2nd of September as “World Moral Day”. The voices of Yemen is so powerful as Yemeni’s understand, peace is what needed most than anything else in this world, and believe peace & harmony can be delivered through this noble campaign of World Moral Day.