This section talks about the Image Usage Policy that you see in the website. For every news, it is mandatory that we publish news. While we do not claim that all images are owned by us, we use the following policy in order to select an image.

  1. If any news is sent to us along with the image or we have accessed government systems that has press releases which contain the image, then first preference is given to such images as they are part of the news
  2. If not, then our first criteria will be to look out for images that is related to the news and is published by the concerned authority, person or organization in social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. And since the image is related to the news, we would consider using that image
  3. If we do not have any direct image related to the news, then we generally use representation images such as the image of the person, politician, ambassador, bureaucrat, etc., whose quotes have been mentioned as part of the news.
  4. We also search for Logos or banners of the Brand, Organization, Department, body, etc., which may be used to represent the system to whom the news is related to
  5. Sometimes we also use our own images that have been prepared by use by mix and match of multiple image
  6. If none of them suit the news, then at times we do consider using general representation images that are picked up from various free image websites such as,,,, etc., which have free to use without attributions

While we make sure that we donot infringe anyone’s copyrights, sometimes due to oversight we may have used copyrighted images that may have been listed in the website.

In case you find any image that may infringe any copyrights, we request you to immediately bring to our notice and we shall remove them.

Kindly note that this is a news website and images are only used for representation only and they may or may not be directly connected to the news published.