Latest News for Promoting Investments

Investments are the means of exploring opportunities in the international markets by means of diversification and risk minimization. It also helps in broadening the portfolio. International investments are good only if a company seeks to become part of the culture and the system of any country and not just to make money. Investments generate more jobs and add value to the economy of the country. It could be in terms of setting up companies, back offices, industries, infrastructure, etc.,

Most countries promote investments in all industries and right from very small setups to large infrastructure and energy projects. Though at the government level they prefer Large investments, Many countries have created initiatives and special economic zones to encourage individuals to go on an entrepreneurial journey by setting up small businesses and startups

At IndiaTIES, We support and promote investments for Investment companies who seek to Invest in International Markets. We have a suite of services to support them to find the right opportunities and also in helping them set up,. We act as a source to help organizations identify, setup and operate. Some of our solutions are

  • Immigration Services
  • Market Research & Market Entry Strategy
  • License & Registrations
  • Facilitating Investments
  • Branch Office Setup & Management
  • Scheme Advisory Services
  • Representation Services
  • Finance & Taxation Support
  • Legal & IP Protection Support
  • Translation Services