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The second-largest and second most-populous continent of the world, Africa always has been the most untapped, underdeveloped and oppressed continent. The whole of the 20th Century the continent was not allowed to grow with too many internal conflicts and external aggression.

India Africa Relations

The Africa and India Relations have always been very good right from the ancient times. India has developed trade relations with most of the African nations in the current era and has been helping many of the countries to grow economically. India has a partnership with Africa based on the cooperation model to support the needs of the African countries. With many Indians residing in the African Continent i.e. those who left India during the British era, have built better businesses and better relations with the natives of Africa. This has added value to Indian businesses to explore opportunities in the African continent. Further Various programs have been conducted to generate bi-lateral trade between India and Africa through the India Africa Forum Summit.

Important countries where bilateral trade can be achieved with India are

North Africa Region




West Africa Region





East Africa Region









South Africa Region










They say in Africa you not only get Gold below the soil, the soil itself is gold defines the richness of the continent. With abundance in Mining opportunities not only for ores and minerals, but also for precious metals such as gold, diamonds, platinum, etc.,. Also Africa has one of the best natural soils with high nutritional value making it best for Agriculture. Hence Mining and Agriculture has always been the prominent industries in Africa,

However In this 21st century, the continent is gearing up to be the Next Industrial Revolution hub. Hence a lot of opportunities are growing in Africa for both trade and Investments. Though Africa has over 55 countries, opportunities are not the same in all. Some of the opportunities for Indian Businesses to lookout in Africa are

Technology & Automation Solutions

The growth of a country is in the growth of its economy and industry growth. Africa has become the next hub where the economy is in its growth phase and in today’s date, the use of technology and automation play a very large role in any growth of the nation.

Hence it is required for businesses to be equipped with enough Technology & Automation Solutions that increase the performance of the people, processes and products that are delivered. The solutions could be Implemented across industries including but not limited to Manufacturing, Agriculture, R&D, General Business, Infrastructure, Retail, Entertainment, Banking & Finance, Transport, etc.,

Medical Tourism to Patients for Affordable Health Care

India’s Medical system is growing exponentially. With the advantage of both Modern Hospital services in colligation with Ancient Ayurveda, India has become the land of Affordable Health Care and has seen a lot of Patients from Africa traveling to India for various kinds of ailments. Another advantage of choosing India is its proximity. It is noted that over 200,000 patients travel on medical treatment purposes from Africa to India

Enabling Better Education for Students

Quite a number of students travel from Africa to India for the sake of Education purposes. It includes both General Graduation as well as Higher and Technical Education. Many Countries in Africa provide scholarships to students to come to India and study.

Also other to the general education, India also provides opportunities for Up-skill and Re-skill resources for students and working people in Africa to enrich themselves in various modern and specialized skill requirements. India provides the most affordable skill development programs that is more competitive across the world. For any particular certification course, India is 60-70% cheaper than that of getting trained in the US or Europe and the quality of teaching remains the same or better. Hence many students travel to India for short term courses on specialized skill and vocational courses

Product and Commodity Exports

Whilst Africa itself is a land of agriculture, most of the commodities are grown and exported from Africa. However what Africa needs are the Processed and Finished products that can be used in daily activities.

Indian MSMEs have the manufacturing capability to create necessary products that could be delivered to the Retail markets in Africa. The requirements could be anywhere from Household items, Food Packaging Products to electronics and other Fast-moving consumer goods.

Top Imports from Africa to India

Mineral Fuels
Pearls & Precious Metals
Inorganic Chemicals
Edible Fruits & Nuts
Mining Ores & Ash
Copper Articles
Salt,Sulpher, Earth Stones, etc.,
Iron & Steel
Oil Seeds

Top Exports from India to Africa

Mineral Fuels
Pharmaceutical Products
Road Vehicles & Parts
Nuclear Reators, Boilers
Electrical Machinery
Plastics & Articles
Organic Chemicals
Sugars & Sugar Confectionary

India Support & Entry Office

Today India has become the market for the world. There is an audience for every product and every solution in India. For any African business either be it in agriculture or other sectors, there is a market, only that we have to find the right audience. Also India has been looked up for various Import requirements by African businesses. Many types of machinery, Textiles, Paper, Plastics, Pharma, Rubber, etc., are purchased from India.

Hence we wish to provide an India Support Office to help buyers from Africa seeking support to identify right vendors and solutions providers for their requirements.

Promoting Investments in Africa

Africa island of growing opportunities, With Urbanization and Globalization Africa, is not keeping itself only to Mining and Agriculture. Many countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania are looking towards industrialization and have invited businesses to set up industries in their countries. Zimbabwe Deputy Minister for Industry has invited Indian businesses to invest in Infrastructure Development as well as Energy. The key to investing in Africa is to understand the Geo-Political scenario of the country and the security offered for the investments made. Though the opportunities look fascinating, there are many underlying risks one should be aware of and be prepared for the same.