Today India has become the market for the world. There is an audience for every product and every solution in India. For any international business there is a market, only that we have to find the right audience.

Also India has been looked up for various Import requirements by businesses in other countries. Many Machinery, Textiles, Paper, Plastics, Pharma, Rubber, etc., are purchased from India.

Hence India Support Office works in 2 ways

As Vendor Validation System

To help buyers seeking support to identify the right vendors and solutions providers for their requirements.

Our activities shall include

  1. Identifying the Right product fit for your requirement
  2. Finding and Researching the right service provider
  3. Negotiating Costs on behalf of the Buyer
  4. Packaging Support
  5. Door To Door Delivery support which includes handling customs, shipping and logistics

As India Entry Office

IndiaTIES shall act as India Entry office for companies in the international markets to help them set up in India and find markets and audiences for them in India. We provide

1. Market Research

This involves understanding your products, identifying the competitors in the markets, Product pricing and placement activities. This will help us to know where your product will sell once launched into the market. Note that there shall be many other International and Indian products in the space and have their share of the market in India.

2. Identifying the Marketing Channel

This involves testing the waters with various Distributor / Dealer Networks, Bulk Sales (e.g. Corporate Gifting) and Online Sales

3. Execution of Marketing Activities

Based on the market selected, we execute various marketing activities to promote the product/solution. The channels involve

  1. Field Marketing Teams to create Distributor / Dealer Networks
  2. Digital Marketing activities for Online Sales
  3. Broadcast Marketing Activities which includes event participation, media selling, etc.,

Note: Channels could be decided only after the market research. We have seen examples of companies that have chosen only to promote online and not using distributor networks.

4. Sales and Order Fulfillment

Once the networks are created, next step is towards generating Sales for the products and fulfilling the orders which includes getting products from the parent country, licensing & registrations activities, customs duty import duty, handling logistics and supply chain, re-packaging, Inventory management and handling delivery & return process

5. Serviceability

Since products and solutions are sold and used in India, it is important that service centers are set up to help customers to get the products maintained, repaired or exchanged. Though there will not be a requirement to set up exclusive service centers at all places, there may be a requirement for the creation of one or two and a suite of partners who do service of all gadgets shall be engaged.

Methodology of Creating Markets

General Product Website: Product website is required to provide necessary product information in details inclusive of pricing, contact details, service centers, distributor networks, etc.,

Product Awareness and Marketing: Create Awareness by ensuring information about the product is available in various channels of the internet and other media and PR solutions.

Online Sales: The product will be promoted and sold via well-known e-commerce websites and online sales platforms in India

Distributor Networks:

The networks will be created in the phased manner starting with

  1. Capital City and Other Major Metro Cities of the Country
  2. Extend sales to other major cities and state capitals
  3. Extend to Ties 2 Cities

The Serviceability also shall have to be extended as per the sales plan.