Humanitarian Activism, a powerful event Mr. Ratan Kumar Das, WHD

The powerful event was organized to reach the grassroots of a mass population in the densely populated Dhaka, by Mr. Ratan Kumar Das, Secretary-General of WHD Bangladesh, who himself is a well known Humanitarian organized this commendable event with their team of highly spirited volunteers – (Mr. Firoz Alam Sumon, Mr. Syed Azmul Haque, Mr. Ariful Islam Razib, and Mitaly Karmakar) striving to achieve the desired results of World Moral Day despite the challenges of a pandemic by distributing aids like ppe mask & gloves, food and other essential rations to the needful.

Hearing the voice of hunger and responding to it with the message of love and care is the moral duty of every human being. WHD as an organization was started to promote this idea of humanitarianism to remove humans from the clutches of darkness through noble initiatives, ideas, and strategies, these deeds are a direct inspiration of  World Moral Day.

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