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The Pacific Region primarily comprises of the Australian Continent and India has always worked in this region in terms of Investments and Trade. Many Indian products and services are exported to this region and India forms 4th most important importer for products from this region.

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Indian Relations with Pacific Region

Indian relations with the Pacific countries of Australia and New Zealand have always been good. There has been strong and productive bilateral partnerships in terms of both trade and investments. India has been the 4th largest export market for the pacific region and many merchandise exports in the areas of mining, agriculture and horticulture have been prominent. For India the primary exports have always been in the areas of ICT and commodity markets to this region.

With other countries in the pacific ocean such as Figi and Papua New Guinea, India has provided necessary aid and support towards economic growth for their countries.


Pacific region with Australia and New Zealand are considered to be developed countries having stable economies. The relations with these countries have been good both in terms of Bi-lateral trade as well as in Investments. Some of the opportunities are

Technology & Automation Solutions

The region is well established with various technology and automation solutions. The need of the hour in this area is support to provide technology outsourcing services. India being the world’s largest Software Export market has a very good potential in promoting their solutions to these countries. Many Indian IT companies have made their mark in these countries providing support in building technologies and automation solutions for businesses in the region.

On the other hand many products especially in the areas of technology and automation solutions are exported from this region to India.

Medical Tourism to Patients for Affordable Health Care

Whilst the region provides good medical amenities, patients seldom travel to India for medical purposes especially in the areas of General Medicine

However India is well known in this region for providing treatments for Prolonged illness and wellness & rejuvenation treatments by means of Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Many travel to India in seek of support in Ayurveda as well as for yoga.

Enabling Better Education for Students

Whilst India has been known as an education provider to many parts of the world, In this case people travel to the Pacific region for studies. Many well-known universities are housed in Australia and New Zealand where many Indian students pursue many Graduate and Master Degree programs both in Technical, Medical and General Studies.

Product and Commodity Exports

India has always been an opportunity provider for businesses in these areas. Whilst Mining, Technology, Dairy, etc., are imported from the region, Commodities such as spices and essential oils are exported from India to these countries.

Top Imports from Pacific Region to India

Minerals & Fuels
Precious Stones & Metals
Inorganic Chemicals
Ores, Slags & Ash
Wood & Articles
Aluminium & Articles
Edible Fruits & Nuts
Iron & Steel
Dyeing & Tanning

Top Exports from India to Pacific Region

Minerals & Fuels
Precious Stones & Metals
Pharmaceutical Products
Railway & Locomotives
Mechanical Machinery & Applicances
Electrical Machinery
Iron & Steel
Apparel & Clothing Accessories
Road Vehicles & Parts

India Support & Entry Office

Today India has become the market for the world. There is an audience for every product and every solution in India. For any business there is a market, only that we have to find the right audience. India Provides opportunities in a variety of product and service requirements and hence a good opportunity for businesses in the pacific region to setup marketing offices and products to be sold in India.

Promoting Investments

India is the land of opportunities and the government is always open to provide opportunities for companies to come and invest in the country. Tax breaks and benefits are offered for companies who wish to set up shops in India.