Latest News for Medical Tourism

Whilst the Top 3 destinations for Medical tourism are Singapore, Thailand and India, India has emerged as one of the most credible and cost-effective destinations for medical tourism esp. for curative treatment. India’s Medical system is growing exponentially. With the advantage of both Modern Hospital services in colligation with Ancient Ayurveda, India has become the land of Affordable Health Care and has seen a lot of Patients from across the world travel to India for various kinds of ailments.

India as destination for Medical tourism

Medical Tourism in India has been spearheaded by large corporate hospitals that have created a strong global presence in areas like cardio surgery, orthopedics, surgery, etc. As per data, around 200,000 tourists travel to India on a medical visa. Considering the fact that a large number of patients may be visiting the country on a tourist visa, the actual number of patients coming from abroad for seeking care maybe 3-4 times higher. India has built strong credibility in curative treatment and has always been considered as the holistic destination for alternative medicine

Treatments Offered in India

General Medical Treatments

Whilst People from developed countries come to India for faster treatment response, People from underdeveloped countries travel to India for its affordable health care and easy access to all kinds of health care systems

In Developed countries, though good medical amenities are available, they are always on a Queue / Ticketing system and for many prolonged illness, the solution is provided based on the availability or urgency need. However many patients are unable to handle the pain and the suffering of the chronic illness and hence chose to travel outside their country where affordable medical treatments could be provided. Hence India has always been considered for such treatment procedures for which many people travel to India.

Ayurveda, Yoga and Wellness

Ayurveda is the science of life and is one of the oldest bodies of knowledge in human culture. It deals not only with prevention and curative aspects of diseases but also emphasizes an ideal way of living

The practice of yoga includes meditation, breathwork, physical poses called asanas, and other techniques that are designed to nourish the mind, spirit, and body. In India, yoga has been incorporated into healing arts such as Ayurveda for centuries; in the West, the idea of integrating yoga into medical care arose in the 20th century. Therapeutic yoga is a branch of yoga that is focused on the treatment of people with specific mental and physical conditions.


Since India is the right place for affordable treatments, we would like to take this opportunity to connect with Hospitals, Doctors, Medical Value Travel Companies and individuals who wish to send their patients for specialized treatments in India. Our network of hospitals is well equipped to handle all treatments as we work with both Super Specialty hospitals which deliver services specific to a particular kind of treatment as well as with Multi-Specialty Hospitals where all kinds of Specialty treatments, as well as Secondary Treatments, are provided. Our hospitals are NABH accredited and/or ISO certified. For Alternative Medicine, they are approved by the department of AYUSH

We support patients in various activities not only in terms of Handling their consulting and treatments with necessary doctors and hospitals but also in

  1. Discuss with the patient on the benefits of medical travel
  2. Analysis of the Medical Needs and the current reports provided by existing doctors
  3. Consultation with medical specialists in India
  4. Planning and Scheduling the Medical Travel
  5. Visa and Immigration Handling
  6. Confirmation and Booking and Travel to India
  7. Hospital Admission and Treatment
  8. Stay and Accommodation handling for patients (Only if patients does not have to reside in the hospital/center)
  9. Recovery and Rehabilitation of Patient
  10. Discharge and Leisure Activities including local sightseeing and travel to interesting places based on patient’s choice
  11. Return home
  12. Post Treatment care and followups