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About Ecuador

Ecuador officially known as the Republic of Ecuador is a South American country with Spanish Influence. The country is on the North-Eastern Part of the continent on the sides of Peru and Colombia.

Due to it’s oldest historical importance, Tourism adds to the of the country. The country’s economy is based on Agriculture (Bananas), Fisheries ( Processed and Crustaceans), and Petroleum Products (Crude Oil)

Country Facts


Basic Details
RegionLatin America
Capital CityQuito
Government TypeUnitary presidential constitutional republic
Official LanguagesSpanish
CurrencyUnited States dollar, USD
Phone Code +593
Important CitiesAmbato, Arajuno, Babahoyo, Bahía de Caráquez, Baños de Agua Santa, Cuenca, Durán, Esmeraldas, Guaranda, Guayaquil
National DayIndependence Day (Aug-10)
Ease of Doing Business Ranking129
Primary IndustriesAgriculture,Industry,Trade,Economic history,Poverty and inequality,Infrastucture development
Major ExportsMineral fuels, mineral oils, Fish and crustaceans, molluscs, Edible fruit and nuts, peel of citrus fruit, Preparations of meat, of fish, Live trees and other plants, bulbs, roots, Cocoa and cocoa preparations, Wood and articles of wood, wood charcoal, Preparations of vegetables, fruit, nuts, Edible vegetables and certain roots, Natural or cultured pearls, precious, Animal or vegetable fats and oils,
Major Exports to IndiaMineral fuels, mineral oils, Vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock, Pharmaceutical products, Plastics and articles thereof, Iron and steel, Organic chemicals, Machinery, mechanical appliances, nuclear reactors, boilers, Miscellaneous chemical products, Aluminium and articles thereof, Man-made staple fibres, Rubber and articles thereof
Major ImportsMineral fuels, mineral oils, Machinery, mechanical appliances, nuclear reactors, boilers, Vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock, Electrical machinery and equipment, Pharmaceutical products, Residues and waste from the food industries, Iron and steel, Miscellaneous chemical products, Articles of iron or steel, Cereals
Major Imports from IndiaMineral fuels, mineral oils, Wood and articles of wood, wood charcoal, Fish and crustaceans, molluscs, Cocoa and cocoa preparations, Coffee, tea, maté and spices, Aluminium and articles thereof, Iron and steel, Natural or cultured pearls, precious, Miscellaneous manufactured articles, Copper and articles thereof, Machinery, mechanical appliances, nuclear reactors, boilers,
Foreign Relations
Trade Agreements with IndiaBilateral trade with Ecuador has increased consistently over the past few years. Statistics regarding Trade relations between India and Ecuador, top ten items of Import and Export in 2012 and other economic indicators
Bordering NationsColombia, Peru, Pacific Ocean
Member of(Union of South American Nations), ( United Nations)
Indian Embassy Details for EcuadorHonorary Consulate of India (Under Embassy of India in Colombia)
H.E. Mr. Eduardo Dousdebes Correa
Honorary Consul
Salazar E 10-22 y Tamayo, Casa Blanca, Segundo Piso,Quito, Ecuador
(+593) 2 6036198

Embassy of India
Honourable Ambassador
Embajada de la India Calle 116 ,7-15 Bogotá, Distrito Especial, Colombia
(+57 1) 6373259, 6373279, 6373280, 6373289

Embassy Details of Ecuador in IndiaEmbassy of Ecuador
H.E. Mr. Francisco Teodoro Maldonado Guevara
E-3/2 Upper Ground and BasementVasant ViharNew Delhi 110057
32402001, 32402002, 32402010 (O)

Consulate General in Mumbai
Mr. Hector Cueva Jacome
Consul General
Gayatri Plaza 301, Turner Road Bandra (W)
022-66795931/2/3 (O)

Honorary Consulate of Ecuador in Kolkata
H.E. Mr. Vinay Kumar Goenka
Honorary Consul
Suvira House, 4B Hungerford Street, Kolkata - 700017
03322894000/01 (O)