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About Mauritania

Mauritania, officially known as the Islamic Republic of Mauritania is a Western African Country and most of the land is within the Sahara Plateau. Mauritania was previously a French Colony.

The country is rich in natural resources and hence Mining, Agriculture, and Live Stock forms the major economy of the country. The country also has Oil as the minor economy.

Mauritania is considered as one of the poor countries with rampant slavery and human rights abuse.

Country Facts


Basic Details
RegionWest Africa
Capital CityNouakchott
Government TypePresidential Islamic Republic
Official LanguagesArabic
CurrencyMauritanian ouguiya, MRU
Phone Code +222
Important CitiesNouakchott,Nouadhibou,Kiffa,Mbera Refugee Camp,Kaédi,Zouérat,Rosso,Sélibabi,Boû Gâdoûm,Boutilimit,Atar,Bareina,Ghabou,Hamoud,Mâl
National DayIndependence Day (Nov-28)
GDP (nominal)USD 10.357 Billion
Ease of Doing Business Ranking152
Primary IndustriesMacro-economic trends,Diversification,Natural gas and the tortue/Ahmeyim project,Dispute with woodside petrolium,Electricity.
Foreign Relations
Bordering NationsAlgeria, Mali, Senegal, the Western Sahara
Member of(African Union), ( Arab League), ( Organisation of Islamic Cooperation), ( United Nations)
Major ExportsMining, Metals & Minerals, Gems & Jewellery, Fisheries, Sea Food & Crustaceans, Food & Beverages, Spirits & Vinegar, Edible Oils & Seeds, Animal Meat and Food Preperations, Agriculture & Farming Products and Solutions, Silk & Textiles, Machinery & Appliances, Plastics and Products, Fruits and Nuts, Wood and Pulp, Electrical Products, Chemical Products, Arms and Ammunitions, Hides, Leather & Tannery
Major ImportsMining, Metals & Minerals, Machinery & Appliances, Cereals & Pulses, Food & Beverages, Spirits & Vinegar, Automobiles, Vehicles & Components, Edible Oils & Seeds, Electrical Products, Vegetables and Related Products, Dairy, Eggs, Honey, & Edible Products, Agriculture & Farming Products and Solutions, Pharmaceutical Products, Rubber and Products, Plastics and Products, Animal Meat and Food Preperations, Books and Papers
Total Exports ValueUSD 3.778 Billion
Total Imports ValueUSD 5.120 Billion
Foreign Trade BalanceUSD 1.342 Billion (Deficit)
Foreign Relations with India
Trade Agreements with IndiaBilateral trade between India and Mauritania grew from US$2.24 million in 1996–97 to $102.4 million in 2014–15. Trade declined to $76.91 million in 2015–16. India exported $58.35 million worth of goods to Mauritania, and imported $18.56 million in 2015–16.[8] The main commodities exported by India to Mauritania are cereals, tanning and dyeing extracts, plastic products, cotton, ceramic, iron and steel articles, nuclear reactors, boilers and related mechanical appliances, and non-railway vehicles. The major commodities imported by India from Mauritania are iron and steel, ores, slag, ash, cotton and copper made articles, aluminum, electrical machinery.
Major Exports to IndiaPlastics and Products, Silk & Textiles, Mining, Metals & Minerals, Agriculture & Farming Products and Solutions, Hides, Leather & Tannery, Machinery & Appliances, Electrical Products, Railway and Locomotives, Automobiles, Vehicles & Components, Aviation Vehicles, Marine Vessels, Instruments & Optical Solutions, Cosmetics and Accessories, Music and Instruments, Arms and Ammunitions, Household Items & Products, Toys and Games
Major Imports from IndiaMachinery & Appliances, Pharmaceutical Products, Cereals & Pulses, Ceramic Products, Mining, Metals & Minerals, Electrical Products, Books and Papers, Automobiles, Vehicles & Components, Chemical Products, Silk & Textiles, Cosmetics and Accessories, Animal Meat and Food Preperations, Plastics and Products, Hides, Leather & Tannery, Food & Beverages, Spirits & Vinegar
India's Imports ValueUSD 231.68 Million
India's Exports ValueUSD 146.57 Million
Trade Balance with IndiaUSD 85.11 Million (Excess)
Indian Embassy Details for MauritaniaHonorary Consulate of India (Under Embassy of India in Mali)
H.E. Mr. Mouhidine Ahmed Saleck
Honorary Consul
ASML Group, Alkaima City Centre 7th, floor, 10 Rue Mamadou Konate,PO Box 2823, Nouakchott
00-222-45241111 (O and R)

Embassy of India

Honourable Ambassador
101, Avenue de I’OUA, Badalabougou Est, B.P. No. 8008, Bamako, Mali

Embassy Details of Mauritania in India