Latest News for North America (Developed America)

This is the Developed region of America which comprises mainly of only 2 countries namely United States of America and Canada

India has had special relationships with these countries in various capacities. Whilst these countries are very far, India has always been the preferred destination for various types of Products and Services exports to these countries. Also, many American companies have invested and are running industries and support offices for them in India.

Countries of Importance in this Region are


Caribbean Islands


Indian Relations with the Region

During the initial days of the Cold War and the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war, Indian Relations with the region especially the US has not been good. However towards the end of the 20th century due to India’s unipolar adaptation in the foreign policy, it opened up and started developing better ties with the region. In today’s date India has been a strategic partner in providing services exports not only in terms of technology, but also in the areas of advertising & marketing, legal, education, medical, tourism, architectural, environmental, etc.,


The opportunities for India in this region have been vast. They are in both products and commodities markets as well as the services industry. Many trade activities are in force and primarily due to a lot of Indian businesses men and the working class in the region raises opportunities for increasing the bilateral trade.

Technology & Automation Solutions

The region is well established with various technology and automation solutions. The need of the hour in this area is the support to provide technology outsourcing services. India being the world largest Software Exporter has a very good potential in promoting their solutions to these countries. Many Indian IT companies have made their mark in these countries providing support in building technologies and automation solutions for businesses in the region. Also, most of the IT companies in this region have their connection with India in one way or the other, Many companies have their own set up her or have outsourced major work to India.

Medical Tourism to Patients for Affordable Health Care

Whilst the region provides good medical amenities, they are always on a Queue / Ticketing system and for many prolonged illnesses, the solution is provided based on the availability or urgency need. However many patients are unable to handle the pain and the suffering of the chronic illness and hence chose to travel outside their country where affordable medical treatments could be provided. Hence India has always been considered for such treatment procedures for which many people travel to India.

Also India is well known for providing treatments for Prolonged illness and wellness & rejuvenation treatments by means of Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Many travel to India in seek of support in Ayurveda as well as for yoga. India is also the preferred destination for ayurvedic treatments.

Enabling Better Education for Students

Whilst India has been known as an education provider to many parts of the world, In this case people travel to the Western European countries for studies. Many well-known universities are housed in most of the countries in this region where many Indian students pursue many Graduate and Master Degree programs both in Technical, Medical and General Studies. These universities provide good education as well as opportunities for research and further work for a period.

Product and Commodity Exports

India has always been the provider for the region. India not only exports various products and commodities to the countries, but also imports products from these countries. Due to Free Trade Agreements, the cost of offerings have always been lower.

Top Imports from North America to India

Minerals & Fuels
Precious Metals & Jewellery
Mechanical Machinery & Appliances
Electrical & Electronic Components
Organic Chemicals
Aircraft & Space Products
Optical Measuring & Medical instruments
Plastics & Articles
Edible Fruits & Nuts

Top Exports from India to North America

Precious Metals & Jewellery
Pharmaceutical Products
Mechanical Machinery & Appliances
Road Vehicles & Parts
Fuels & Minerals
Organic Chemicals
Apparel & Clothing Accessories
Electrical & Electronic Components
Sea Food

India Support & Entry Office

Today India has become the market for the world. There is an audience for every product and every solution in India. For any business there is a market, only that we have to find the right audience. India Provides opportunities in a variety of product and service requirements and hence a good opportunity for businesses in the ASEAN region to setup marketing offices and products to be sold in India.

Promoting Investments

India is the land of opportunities and the government is always open to provide opportunities for companies to come and invest in the country. Tax breaks and benefits are offered for companies who wish to set up shops in India.