Latest News for Latin America

The Americas region is the youngest continent of the world founded by Christopher Columbus. The Region comprises of both North America and South America continents starting from Mexico covering the Central America and South America region. We have merged them into one single region due to their geopolitical, cultural and economic conditions.

The Latin america has a strong Spanish and Portuguese influence.

Countries of Importance in this Region are


South America


Indian Relations with the Region

India has always worked with many of these countries in generating bi-lateral trade. Many countries in this region are part of multiple trade agreements with India including BRICS, GSTP, MERCOSUR, etc., India has also signed MOU on economic cooperation with some of the countries in the region


The opportunities for India in this region has been very good. Though there is a language problem in these countries, due to various trade agreements, many countries have opened up to India. Various business delegations travel both into India as well as from India to generate opportunities for businesses to find the right partners and markets in this region.

Technology & Automation Solutions

Whilst the economy is stagnant in these regions, there has been a surge in demand for Technology and Automation solutions to be embedded in their current industry. Though language is prominent in the region, Indian technology is preferred at various places due to its affordability.

Many technology solutions could be implemented across industries including but not limited to Manufacturing, R&D, General Business, Infrastructure, Retail, Entertainment, Banking & Finance, Transport, etc.,

Countries like Chile have special programs for technology-based startups to come set up their business and build technology for various requirements in the region.

Medical Tourism to Patients for Affordable Health Care

India is not generally preferred as a destination for General Medical treatments as they are very far from India and also with the availability of necessary cost-effective solutions in the Central America region. Hence not many travel to India for Treatments

However India being famous for Ayurveda and Wellness, Many people from these cold countries prefer to travel to India to get rejuvenated and cure many ailments that have been a challenge in the general medicine.

Enabling Better Education for Students

Due to easy access to the United States, Canada and other Regions, Generally students do not travel to India or Vice-versa towards better education.

Product and Commodity Exports

India has always been an opportunity provider for businesses in these areas. There has been a variety of products and solutions which are imported and exported between India and this region

Top Imports from Latin America to India

Minerals & Fuels
Precious Metals & Jewellery
Animal & Vegetable Fats and Oils
Ores, Slag & Ash
Sugar & Sugar Confectionary
Wood Artices
Mechanical Machinery & Appliances
Iron & Steel Products
Organic Chemicals
Plastics & Articles

Top Exports from India to Latin America

Road Vehicles & Parts
Pharmaceutial Products
Organic Chemicals
Minerals & Fuels
Mechanical Machinery & Appliances
Plastics & Articles
Man Made Filaments
Dyeing & Tanning Products
Iron & Steel

India Support & Entry Office

Today India has become the market for the world. There is an audience for every product and every solution in India. For any business there is a market, only that we have to find the right audience. India Provides opportunities in a variety of product and service requirements and hence a good opportunity for businesses in the Latin America region to setup marketing offices and products to be sold in India.

Promoting Investments

India is the land of opportunities and the government is always open to provide opportunities for companies to come and invest in the country. Tax breaks and benefits are offered for companies who wish to set up shops in India.