Country Facts


Basic Details
Capital CityMalabo
Government Typepresidential republic
Official LanguagesSpanish, Portuguese, French
CurrencyCentral African CFA franc, XAF
Phone Code +240
Important CitiesMalabo, Ebebiyín, Aconibe, Añisoc, Luba, Evinayong, Mongomo, Mengomeyén, Micomeseng, Rebola, Bidjabidjan, Niefang, Cogo, Nsok
National DayIndependence Day (Oct-12)
Ease of Doing Business Ranking178
Primary IndustriesInfrastructure,Energy development,Animal husbandary,Fishing,Forestry.
Major ExportsMineral fuels, mineral oils, Organic chemicals, Wood and articles of wood, wood charcoal, Ores, slag and ash, Iron and steel, Machinery, mechanical appliances, nuclear reactors, boilers, Commodities not elsewhere specified, Natural or cultured pearls, precious, Aluminium and articles thereof, Vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock, Electrical machinery and equipment,
Major Exports to IndiaMeat and edible meat offal, Cereals, Plastics and articles thereof, Pharmaceutical products, Preparations of cereals, flour, starch, Beverages, spirits and vinegar, Machinery, mechanical appliances, nuclear reactors, boilers, Soap, organic surface-active agents, washing preparations, lubricating preparations, Iron and steel, Ceramic products, Electrical machinery and equipment,
Major ImportsMachinery, mechanical appliances, nuclear reactors, boilers, Beverages, spirits and vinegar, Electrical machinery and equipment, Articles of iron or steel, Meat and edible meat offal, Vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock, Aircraft, spacecraft, Ships, boats and floating structures, Furniture, bedding, mattresses, mattress supports, cushions, Plastics and articles thereof
Major Imports from IndiaMineral fuels, mineral oils, Iron and steel, Electrical machinery and equipment, Copper and articles thereof, Aluminium and articles thereof, Plastics and articles thereof, Rubber and articles thereof, Articles of leather, saddlery and harness, travel goods, handbags, Furskins and artificial fur, manufactures thereof, Wood and articles of wood, wood charcoal, Cork and articles of cork
Foreign Relations
Trade Agreements with IndiaIndia’s relationship with EG is characterised by the strong partnership in the oil and gas sector. EG is the fourth largest supplier of natural gas to India, after Qatar, Nigeria and Australia. Economic and commercial relations between India and Equatorial Guinea, though limited in nature, have been growing in the last few years, primarily due to its emergence as an important source of oil and other energy products. Main items of India’s exports to Equatorial Guinea are food products, cereals, meat, pharmaceuticals, machinery, apparel etc. Main items of India’s imports from Equatorial Guinea are oil & gas, timber etc.
Bordering NationsCameroon, Gabon
Member ofOrganization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC), ( Organisation internationale de la Francophonie), ( African Union), ( United Nations)
Indian Embassy Details for Equatorial GuineaEmbassy of India
Honourable Ambassador
Embassy of India,Villa Bico, Malabo II-Sampaka, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
240 222 410 618

Embassy Details of Equatorial Guinea in IndiaRepublic of Equatorial Guinea
H.E. H. E. Mr. Manuel Mbela Bama Ndong
C-9/1Vasant ViharNew Delhi 110057
41060146, 41060147 (O)