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About Kosovo

Kosovo, officially known as the Republic of Kosovo is an Eastern Europe region. The country was previously part of Yugoslavia and is in the Balkan Region of Europe. The country has suffered quite a lot in both the Yugoslav war and the Kosovo war.

The economy of the country is a transitional economy and is heavily dependent on aids, FDI and other capital inflows. The economic development has taken place in the trade, retail, and construction sectors.

Kosovo has large reserves of lead, zinc, silver, nickel, cobalt, copper, iron, lignite, and bauxite

Country Facts


Basic Details
RegionEastern Europe
Capital CityPrishtina
Government TypeParliamentary Republic
Official LanguagesAlbanian, Serbian, Turkish, Bosnian, Romani.
CurrencyEuro, EUR
Phone Code +383
Important CitiesPrizren, Gnjilane, Pe?, Kosovska Mitrovica, Gjakovë, Suva Reka, Glogovac
National DayIndependence Day (Feb-17 )
GDP (nominal)USD 10.469 Billion
Ease of Doing Business Ranking57
Primary IndustriesMining, cement and construction, textiles, food and beverages, tourism, metallurgical industry
Foreign Relations
Bordering NationsSerbia, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro
Member ofRegional Cooperation Council(RCC)
Major Exports-------------------------
Major Imports-------------------------
Total Exports ValueUnknown
Total Imports ValueUnknown
Foreign Trade BalanceUSD 0 Billion (Excess)
Foreign Relations with India
Trade Agreements with IndiaIndia and Kosovo relations refers to official tie between two nations, the Republic of India and the Republic of Kosovo Two countries have no official relations, as India has not recognized Kosovo as a nation
Major Exports to India-------------------------
Major Imports from India-------------------------
India's Imports ValueUSD 0 Million
India's Exports ValueUSD 0 Million
Trade Balance with IndiaUSD 0 Million (Excess)
Indian Embassy Details for Kosovo

India Doesnot recognize Kosovo as a country

Embassy Details of Kosovo in India