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About Dominica

Dominica, officially known as the Commonwealth of Dominica is an Island country in the Caribbean Islands in the Central America Region. The country is part of the British Commonwealth Nations.

The Economy of the Country is predominantly Agriculture (especially Banana). However, Financial Services and other Corporate Services adds to the GDP of the country.

Country Facts


Basic Details
RegionCaribbean Region
Capital CityRoseau
Government TypeParliamentary Republic
Official LanguagesEnglish
CurrencyEast Caribbean dollar, XCD
Phone Code +1-767
Important CitiesSantiago de los Caballeros, Santo Domingo Oeste, Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo Norte, San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Concepción de la Vega, San Pedro de Macorís, La Romana, Los Alcarrizos, San Francisco de Macoris, San Cristóbal, Salvaleón de Higüey, Santa Cruz de Barahona, Bonao, San Juan de la Maguana, Baní, Bajos de Haina
National DayIndependence Day (Nov-03)
GDP (nominal)USD 0.697 Billion
Ease of Doing Business Ranking111
Primary IndustriesFinancial service,Agriculture,Animal husbandary,Fishing,Mining
Foreign Relations
Bordering NationsGuadeloupe, Martinique
Member of(Caribbean Community), ( Commonwealth of Nations), ( Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States), ( Organisation internationale de la Francophonie), ( United Nations)
Major ExportsMachinery & Appliances, Glass and glassware, Fruits and Nuts, Vegetables and Related Products, Instruments & Optical Solutions, Automobiles, Vehicles & Components, Electrical Products, Mining, Metals & Minerals, Hides, Leather & Tannery, Plastics and Products, Gems & Jewellery, Railway and Locomotives, Chemical Products, Household Items & Products, Rubber and Products, Books and Papers, Spices
Major ImportsMining, Metals & Minerals, Machinery & Appliances, Electrical Products, Animal Meat and Food Preperations, Automobiles, Vehicles & Components, Food & Beverages, Spirits & Vinegar, Plastics and Products, Household Items & Products, Cereals & Pulses, Chemical Products, Edible Oils & Seeds, Books and Papers, Dairy, Eggs, Honey, & Edible Products, Instruments & Optical Solutions, Pharmaceutical Products, Wood and Pulp
Total Exports ValueUSD 0.008 Billion
Total Imports ValueUSD 0.217 Billion
Foreign Trade BalanceUSD 0.209 Billion (Deficit)
Foreign Relations with India
Trade Agreements with IndiaIndia exports mainly pharmaceutical products, readymade garments, textiles and home furnishings, food products, etc. to Dominica, while Dominica exports mainly scrap metals. Bilateral trade between India and Dominica during 2017-18 amounted to US$2.38 million. Given the distance and small size of Dominica market, volume of our bilateral trade is comparatively small. India’s exports to Dominica were US$2.10 million and Dominica’s exports were US$0.28 million. Bilateral trade during 2018-19 amounted to US$ 1.61 mn (India’s exports: 1.30 mn; India’s imports: 0.31 mn), There are areas of potential cooperation include agro-industries, food processing and small-scale manufacturing, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, eco-tourism/Ayurvedic system of holistic health care, education and sports. Gujarat Apollo Industries Company Ltd. has installed an Asphalt Separation plant in Dominica recently
Major Exports to IndiaLive Animals and Animal Products, Animal Meat and Food Preperations, Fisheries, Sea Food & Crustaceans, Dairy, Eggs, Honey, & Edible Products, Plants and Flowers, Vegetables and Related Products, Fruits and Nuts, Spices, Cereals & Pulses, Edible Oils & Seeds, Food & Beverages, Spirits & Vinegar
Major Imports from IndiaPharmaceutical Products, Automobiles, Vehicles & Components, Silk & Textiles, Mining, Metals & Minerals, Machinery & Appliances, Electrical Products, Cosmetics and Accessories, Arms and Ammunitions, Fashion and Apparel, Instruments & Optical Solutions, Plastics and Products, Rubber and Products, Chemical Products, Cereals & Pulses, Hides, Leather & Tannery
India's Imports ValueUSD 0.6 Million
India's Exports ValueUSD 2.91 Million
Trade Balance with IndiaUSD 2.31 Million (Deficit)
Indian Embassy Details for DominicaHigh Commission of India
Honourable High Commissioner
P.O.Box No. 5306, Victoria Avenue, Port of Spain,Trinidad and Tobago

Embassy Details of Dominica in India