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About Iran

Iran, previously also called Persia and officially known as the Islamic Republic of Iran is a country in Western Asia. It is one of the largest countries in the Middle-East region.

The country is the home to one of the oldest civilizations of the world and has played an important role in the world across the ages.

The country’s economy is a mixture of central planning, state ownership of oil and other large enterprises, agriculture, and small-scale trading

Country Facts


Basic Details
RegionMiddle East
Capital CityTehran
Government TypeUnitary Khomeinist presidential Islamic republic
Official LanguagesPersian
CurrencyIranian rial, IRR
Phone Code +98
Important CitiesMashhad, Isfahan, Karaj, Tabriz, Shiraz, Qom, Ahvaz, Pasragad Branch, Kahr?z, Kermanshah, Rasht, Kerman
National DayIndependence Day (17th Aug)
Ease of Doing Business Ranking127 (Medium)
Primary Industriespetrochemicals, fertilizers, caustic soda, car manufacture, pharmaceuticals, telecom, energy, construction materials, textiles, cement, metal fabrication and food processing
Major ExportsOil, natural gas, chemicals, plastics, fruits, ceramic products, metals, Plastics, plastic articles, Organic chemicals, Ores, slag, ash, Vegetables, Fertilizers, Salt, sulphur, stone, cement, Copper.
Major Exports to IndiaFootwear, Animal, Wood, Transportation, Food Products, Metals, Machinery and Electricals, Textiles and Clothing, Hides and skins, Stone and Glass
Major Importsmachinery, cereals, iron and steel, chemicals, Machinery including computers, Oil seeds, Optical, technical, medical apparatus, achinery including computers, Electrical machinery, equipment, Plastics, plastic articles, Organic chemicals.
Major Imports from IndiaVegetables, Chemicals, Machinery and Electricals, Textiles and Clothing, Food Products, Metals, Raw materials, Plastic or Rubber, Wood, Stone and Glass
Foreign Relations
Trade Agreements with IndiaGlobal System of Trade and Preferences (GSTP), India ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement, Partial Scope Agreement (PSA), Economic Integration Agreement (EIA), Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, bilateral trade
Bordering NationsTurkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, AzerbejanTurkey, Iraq
Member ofAsian Infrastructure Investment Bank(AIIB), Economic Cooperation Organization(ECO), Group of 15(G15), Group of 24(G24), Group of 77(G77), Indian Ocean Rim Association(IORA), Organisation of Islamic Co-operation(OIC), Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC), Shanghai Cooperation Organisation(SCO), United Nations(UN)
Indian Embassy Details for IranH.E. Gaddam Dharmendra
Honourable Ambassador
Embassy of India
22, Mir Emad Street (Corner of 9th Alley), Dr. Beheshti Avenue, Tehran, Iran
Phone: 0098-21-88755103-5
Embassy Details of Iran in IndiaH.E. Dr. Ali Chegeni
Embassy of the Islamic Repulic of Iran
5, Barakhamba RoadNew Delhi-110001
Phone: +91-11-2332 9600, 01, 02 (O)