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The South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) is an inter-governmental union of countries which are part of the South Asia surrounding India. Spearheaded by India, this association aims to promote and improve the economy, social and cultural development of the region. SAARC is also at times considered as the country that was controlled by the British during their regime in India.

Countries of Importance in this Region





Indian Relations with the Region

India has a special role to play in this association is the largest country and has cheif influence in economic matters. The South Asian Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) Plays an important role in creating a Common Market, Customs and Economic Union for the countries. With exception to Pakistan, All other SAARC countries have very good relations with India and depend on India for economic and trade support.

India has been supporting many countries in times of distress and economic meltdown. India has always been looked upon as big brother of the region


The opportunities for India in this region has been very good and fruitful. India plays a role not only in terms of economic power but also in the social and cultural development of the region. There are a variety of opportunities for businesses to exchange bi-lateral trade.

Technology & Automation Solutions

Indian Technology and Automation solutions are always in demand and are being used quite effectively in the region. Right from solutions related to manufacturing, retail, healthcare, etc., Indian technology play a role in these countries. Though the region other than India uses minimum technology in large scale activities, they are still dependent on various technology solutions in managing the government and industry.

Medical Tourism to Patients for Affordable Health Care

India has always been the preferred destination for medical tourism for these countries in the region. With in-adequate opportunities available in their countries, there is always a surge in patients traveling from their countries to different parts of India for treatments. whilst people travel to Bangalore and Chennai from Srilanka & Maldives, many cross the borders of Bangladesh to Kolkatta for treatments. For patients from Afghanistan and Nepal, Delhi has always been the preferred destination

India is also the preferred destination for ayurvedic treatments. Many travel to south India to get cured for their prolonged illness. However Srilanka is also gearing up as another destination for Ayurveda.

Enabling Better Education for Students

India has always been the destination for Higher Education and Upskill/Reskill program for anyone in the region. A lot of students from this region have traveled to India for Medical and Engineering Studies other than general graduation studies.

Also other to the general education, India also provides opportunities for Up-skill and Re-skill resources for students and working people in the region to enrich themselves in various modern and specialized skill requirements. India provides the most affordable skill development programs that is more competitive across the world. The advantage of India is the availability of training systems for any and every skill that is necessary for one to grow. Hence many students travel to India for short term courses on specialized skill and vocational courses

Product and Commodity Exports

India has always been the provider for the region. India not only exports various products and commodities to the countries, but also imports products from these countries. Due to Free Trade Agreements, the cost of offerings have always been lower.

Top Imports from SAARC Region to India

Ship, Boat & Floating Structure
Edible Fruits & Nuts
Apparel and Clothing
Mineral Fuels
Iron & Steel
Animal or Vegetable Fats
Coffee, Tea & Spices
Textile Fabrics
Prepared Animal Fodder
Clothing Accessories

Top Exports from India to SAARC Region

Mineral Fuels
Road Vehicles & Parts
Neuclear Reactors, Boilers
Iron & Steel
Electrical Machinery
Organic Chemicals
Pharmaceutical Products

India Support & Entry Office

Today India has become the market for the world. There is an audience for every product and every solution in India. For any business there is a market, only that we have to find the right audience. India Provides opportunities in a variety of product and service requirements and hence a good opportunity for businesses in the ASEAN region to setup marketing offices and products to be sold in India.

Promoting Investments

India is the land of opportunities and the government is always open to provide opportunities for companies to come and invest in the country. Tax breaks and benefits are offered for companies who wish to set up shops in India.