Latest News for Technology & Automation Solutions

The growth of a country is in the growth of its economy and industry growth. In today’s date, the use of technology and automation play a very large role in any growth of the nation. Hence to enable businesses it is required for the nation to promote and implement enough Technology & Automation Solutions that increases the performance of the people, process and products that are delivered.

India has always been the Top and most sought out country for Technology Solutions. We have been in the forefront of providing services and solutions to build technology and automation based solutions. India has more than 500,000 workforce in the IT and ITES industry.

Though we have always been building software and technology for someone else, we have also acquired the capacity to build products for various industries. Our advantage is that our solutions are Economical and Technologically Advanced.

Technology and Automation could be embedded in any industry including but not limited to Government, Manufacturing, Agriculture, R&D, General Business, Education, Energy, Infrastructure, Retail, Entertainment, Banking & Finance, Transport, Logistics & Supply Chain, etc.,

IndiaTIES aggregates over 100+ products in the areas of Software Solutions, IOT/RFID based products, Automation Solutions/Products, etc., that can be used in the International markets.

We are working with various Startups, Product Companies, Manufacturers, etc., towards promoting solutions in the international markets. Some of our offerings are as follows.

Government Solutions  
E-Governance Solutions
Cyber Security Solutions
Document Management Solutions
Defense Technology
Smart City Solutions

Energy Solutions  
Solar Solutions
Water Management Solutions
AC Power Controller Systems
Precision Voltage Conditioner & Stabilizer Systems  

Infrastructure Solutions  
Building Management Solutions
Asset Tracking Solutions
Gate Management Solutions
Facility Management Solution
Visitor Management Solutions
CCTV Solutions
Security Monitor  

Education Solutions  
Document Management Solutions
School/College ERP
Library Management Solutions
Learning Management Solutions
Vehicle Tracking Systems
Attendance Management Solutions
Paperless Automation Solutions

IT & Security Solutions  
Cyber Security Solutions
Fibre optics solutions
Network Security Management
Server Infrastructure Setup & Management 

Manufacturing Solutions  
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Planning Solutions
Production & Floor Monitoring Systems
Inventory Management Solutions  

Health Care Solutions  
Hospital Management Solution
Clinical and Laboratory Management Solutions
Pharmacy Software
Appointment Management Software  

Retail Solutions  
Point of Sale Software
Retail Chain / Multi Branch Management Solution
Inventory Management Solutions

Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions  
Vehicle & Station Management Solutions
Fleet Management solution
Temperature and humidity Monitor for Cold Storages
GPS Tracking Solutions
Patrol Tracking & Fence Monitoring
Parking Management Solutions
Taxi/Cab Management Solutions  

Finance & Banking Software  
Core Banking Solutions
Digital Banking Solutions
Bank Reconciliation Solutions
Chit fund and Finance Management Solutions
Insurance Management Solutions
NBFC and Mutual Fund Management Solutions
Credit Analysis, Rating and Management  

Enterprise Solutions  
Dashboard & Process Automation
Human Resources Management
Accounting and Payroll Management Solutions
Lead Generation tools
Customer Resource Management (CRM)
Reputation Management Solutions
Help Desk Tool
Intranet Software  

Training Solutions  
General Language & Frameworks
Artificial Intelligence & ML
Robotics Training
CEH & Cyber Security
Linux & Network Management
Database Management
SAP/ERP Training
Manufacturing & Aerospace Technology

Engineering Solutions  
Engineering Design
Engineering Analysis
Product Design & Prototyping
3D Printing

Other Solutions  
Custom Software Development
Web Application Development
Mobile Application Development
Artificial Intelligence & Related
Block Chain & Crypto Currency
Robotics Solutions