Saudi Arabia proposes a mechanism to accelerate stability in Yemen

Jul 29: The Kingdom of SaudiArabia has proposed a mechanism to accelerate the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement to the Yemeni government and the Southern Transitional Council (STC)

In its official statement it mentioned that as part of the continuation efforts to achieve security and bring stability in Yemen and to implement Riyadh Agreement, Saudi Arabia has proposed to both parties

  1. To maintain the ceasefire and de-escalation between the legitimate government and the STC which came into effect on 22 Jun 2020.
  2. The STC announcing that it is abandoning self-administration and resuming the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement
  3. Appointing a governor and security director for Aden Governorate
  4. Assigning the Yemeni Prime Minister to form a government of political competencies within 30 days
  5. Military forces should exit Aden Governorate and the forces fo the two parties in Abyan should be separated and return to their previous positions
  6. Government of political competencies shall be formed with equal representation from the North and the South of Yemen
  7. Government should comprise of Ministers representing the STC

The effort has been made to bring together the two parties of the agreement in Riyadh with the support of UAE

The two parties have responded and have expressed their acceptance of the proposed mechanism giving hope to end the conflict of the war torn Yemen and restore to normalcy.

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