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Sao Tome and Principe, officially known as the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe is an island country in the Gulf of Guinea just off the coast of Gabon & Equatorial Guinea. The country was initially part of Portuguese colonization.

The economy is primarily Plantation Agriculture.

Country Facts


Basic Details
RegionCentral Africa
Capital CitySao Tome
Government TypeSemi-Presidential Republic
Official LanguagesPortuguese
CurrencyDobra , STN
Phone Code +239
Important CitiesSanto Amaro, Neves, Santana, Trindade, Santa Cruz, Pantufo, Guadalupe, Santo António, Santa Catarina, Porto Alegre
National DayIndependence Day (Jul-12)
GDP (nominal)USD 0.674 Billion
Ease of Doing Business Ranking170
Primary IndustriesOil Reserves,Agriculture,Economic issues
Foreign Relations
Bordering NationsGabon, Equatorial Guinea
Member of(African Union), ( Community of Portuguese Language Countries), ( United Nations)
Major ExportsEdible Oils & Seeds, Food & Beverages, Spirits & Vinegar, Mining, Metals & Minerals, Spices, Automobiles, Vehicles & Components, Machinery & Appliances, Fruits and Nuts, Chemical Products, Electrical Products, Silk & Textiles, Aviation Vehicles, Household Items & Products, Plastics and Products, Books and Papers, Glass and glassware
Major ImportsMining, Metals & Minerals, Electrical Products, Automobiles, Vehicles & Components, Food & Beverages, Spirits & Vinegar, Machinery & Appliances, Cereals & Pulses, Other Products, Plastics and Products, Dairy, Eggs, Honey, & Edible Products, Animal Meat and Food Preperations, Household Items & Products, Chemical Products
Total Exports ValueUSD 0.023 Billion
Total Imports ValueUSD 0.196 Billion
Foreign Trade BalanceUSD 0.173 Billion (Deficit)
Foreign Relations with India
Trade Agreements with IndiaBilateral trade between India and São Tomé and Príncipe totaled US$1.52 million in 2014–15. India exported $1.47 million worth of goods to STP and imported $500,000. Trade declined to $930,000 in 2015–16; India made no imports from STP in that period.[12] The main commodities exported by India to STP are pharmaceuticals, organic chemicals, cotton, and optical, photographic, and medical instruments. São Toméan importers have stated that they would like to import more merchandise from India, but are discouraged by the long shipping time and the high costs involved.[3]
Major Exports to IndiaLive Animals and Animal Products, Animal Meat and Food Preperations, Fisheries, Sea Food & Crustaceans, Dairy, Eggs, Honey, & Edible Products, Plants and Flowers, Vegetables and Related Products, Fruits and Nuts, Spices, Cereals & Pulses, Edible Oils & Seeds, Food & Beverages, Spirits & Vinegar
Major Imports from IndiaCereals & Pulses, Silk & Textiles, Mining, Metals & Minerals, Pharmaceutical Products, Automobiles, Vehicles & Components, Machinery & Appliances, Retail & Fmcg Products, Ceramic Products, Plastics and Products, Books and Papers, Rubber and Products, Edible Oils & Seeds, Other Products, Spices
India's Imports ValueUSD 0 Million
India's Exports ValueUSD 1.51 Million
Trade Balance with IndiaUSD 1.51 Million (Deficit)
Indian Embassy Details for Sao Tome and PrincipeEmbassy of India
H.E. Raghu Gururaj
Honourable Ambassador
No. 47,Commandante Nzaji Street,Alvalade, Luanda
00-244-941564851 / 941564887 / 941565957 / 941566132 / 931521458

Embassy Details of Sao Tome and Principe in IndiaHonorary Consulate of Sao Tome and Principe in New Delhi
H.E. Mr. Chinta Sridhar
Honorary Consul
H. No -18 Green Avenue Farms, Vasant Kunj, 110070
011-49496789, 9560966666 (O)