Ukraine plane tragedy case suspected; Iran heard the report near Canada

WASHINGTON – Many leaders have been skeptical about the plane crash in Ukraine that killed 180 people in a crash on Wednesday. Iran has asked Canada to report the catastrophe, making it clear that it is false.

Ukraine’s international Boeing 737-800 flew into Kyiv, Russia. The plane crashed shortly after leaving Iran’s Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran. 180 people were killed in this accident. Talking about this, Donald Trump said, “The plane was flying in the neighboring country. I doubt someone has done something wrong. Some have attributed the crash to a technical error. But, I don’t feel like it. There was a terrible incident, ”he said.

Iran has since issued a statement. “We have not shot down the plane. The US can take part in this investigation, ”the source said.

The assassination of Iran’s army chief Qasim Solaimani has created a climate of war between the US and Iran over the past week. At the same time, Iran’s ground plane crash has raised considerable doubts. “Iran’s military has shot down Ukraine’s plane,” US media reported.

However, the Iranian civil aviation agency, which investigated and reported, said: “The fire was spotted while flying at high altitude. There is evidence that one part of the aircraft’s engine was overheated. Also, the fire was killed before the plane hit the ground.