Did Iran deliberately avoid the death-and-suffering of a missile attack on US airspace?

Washington; The US and European government’s intelligence agencies said the Iranian military purposely avoided the deaths of US soldiers in a missile strike on US airspace in Iraq in retaliation for the assassination of Iranian military chief Qasim Solaimani.

Some anonymous sources have reported that “Iran’s military has attacked US airspace to prevent a future catastrophe following the retaliatory attack but warned of no casualties.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif, clearing the back of the attack, said: “America should clear its airbases in Central Asia. Their troops must be withdrawn. For our part, American soldiers are militants. So we will fight the extremists, not fear the war against America. ”

President Donald Trump, speaking at a press conference at the White House yesterday evening, said that Iran’s missile strikes “have left US air forces vulnerable to Iranian missile casualties. Soldiers and American citizens working in Central Asia are safe. ” Also, he had pushed the war against Iran.

Given all these pros and cons, it is only now that the timely action of the Iranian military forces, which could have witnessed another war, has left a sigh of relief.