Iran confesses: Ukraine plane hit by misunderstanding of humanity

Tehran: Ukraine’s Boeing plane crashed on the ground in Iran three days ago, killing 176 people. Iran has admitted that it was the plane that fired. The plane was shot down due to a misunderstanding of humanity, Iranian government TV said. Similarly, Iran has blamed the US indirectly for the tragedy.

“It’s a day of regret. Human instincts have been at the root of the crisis that arose due to American misery. This was the preliminary findings of an internal investigation by the Iranian military. “We offer condolences to the families of all persons who died in the tragedy,” Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif tweeted.

US forces assassinated Qasem Soleimani, the chief commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and Iran’s most powerful leader after Ali Khamenei. More than 10 lakh Iranians attended Suleimani’s funeral. Iran has vowed to avenge Suleimani’s assassination.

One day, ie. 8 Two major events took place. Iran launched a missile attack on two US military bases on the ground in Iraq. Later, a passenger plane from Ukraine crashed on Iranian ground. The plane crashed near the military area of ​​the Revolutionary Guards Army, killing all 176 people. The dead included 82 passengers from Iran, 63 from Canada and 11 from Ukraine.

Iran has been saying from the beginning that it was not a hit. However, the United States, Canada and Britain, based on their intelligence, have claimed that the missile was fired from Iran’s missile. The country of Iran, which has been arguing that it did not strike, has now accepted the truth. The aircraft claims to have been struck by occasional misunderstandings as it landed in a militarily sensitive area.