The US Upper House, which set the tone for the Trump reprimand hearing: the trial of witnesses soon

WASHINGTON – The United States Senate (upper house) has listened to Trump’s 13-consecutive hour of reprimand. The arguments of the Democratic, Republican, and White House Counsels on behalf of the president – the Senate’s response to the plea deal set the tone for the reprimand. The trial of witnesses will be held soon. The Democratic Party has demanded and reprimanded Trump, who is accused of misappropriation, from his position as president.

The Democratic Party has filed a reprimand against Donald Trump over allegations of abuse of power and obstruction of parliament. Thus, the issue came up for hearing in the Senate. President Trump’s legal team has defended the president’s wrongdoing. Besides, the Democratic Party’s reprimand was a weak and constitutional offensive, urging the rejection of the reprimand. Also, the Trump legal team argued before the Senate on Monday that Democrats do not need to provide evidence or additional documents.

Arguments in the Senate lasted 13 consecutive hours. The Senate has refused to impose a reprimand on Trump. Also, the Democrats have said there is no need to provide proof or additional documents.