India boycotts import of palm oil from Malaysia

Malaysia: India has given a shock to Malaysia after criticizing the Kashmir issue and the Citizenship Amendment Act. India has boycotted palm oil imported from Malaysia. Superficially, it seems like revenge. Responding to this, Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad said Malaysia was too small to comment on India’s boycott of palm oil import.

Speaking to reporters in Langkawi, Malaysia, he said: “We are too small country to retaliate against India. We have to find other ways to solve this problem,” he said.

India is the world’s largest importer of palm oil from Malaysia. India imported $ 1.3 billion of palm oil from Malaysia in 2018. It imports more than 90 million tonnes of palm oil annually. Malaysia is the second-largest exporter of palm oil in the world.

The Malaysian Prime Minister was upset over Kashmir’s special status quo and the Citizenship Act. Social harmony is disturbed by CAA enforcement. It is of the opinion that it will affect not only India but also abroad.

India vehemently opposed the statement of the Malaysian Prime Minister. India has been adamant that Mahathir does not need to impose his nose on the internal affairs of the country.