Coronavirus virus in China: the number of victims rises to 41

Wuhan: The number of victims of coronavirus spreading in China continues to increase from moment to moment. The death toll has now risen to 41 and is expected to rise further. Official sources said the number of people infected with the virus had crossed 1300.

At least 15 people are now infected with the coronavirus in Wuhan, China. The city has a population of about 1.1 million, the first deadly respiratory infection, the Dubai Health Commission said.

Now 444 new cases have been detected and the suspected number of coronavirus has risen to 1,287, the Chinese health agency said. The disease is known to be spread across 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

The deadly infection has spread to 13 cities in Wuhan and Hubei. It has since been spread to other countries. The death toll in China is likely to be even higher.

The Hubei Health Agency reported 180 new cases. 77 of them were found in Wuhan city. In the city of Hubei, 729 cases have been identified.

The number of deaths from the coronavirus has risen sharply in China just hours after the World Health Organization withdrew its decision to declare China a ‘global health emergency’.