Corona is even worse than Sars; number of deaths crossed 700

BEIJING: The number of dead in China has risen to 722, the coronavirus that shook the entire world. The virus is even worse than SARS, which appeared more than two decades ago.

Corona has infected a total of 34,500 people in China so far. The death toll is rising every day. The Chinese government is taking necessary action.

In 2002-2003, a virus named SARS killed 650 people. The Chinese people are susceptible to coronavirus attacks that have similar characteristics. The deadly virus has spread from China to 20 other countries. Against this backdrop, all the airports in India have taken the lead. Travelers from China and those traveling to China are also restricted.

Coronavirus was discovered in 10 of those who were aboard the Japanese Diamond Princess on Wednesday. Now that number has soared, it has been confirmed that a total of 64 people have coronavirus. The ship was stopped at Yokohama Harbor. The ship had 3700 passengers.

After 2 weeks in Japan, it was confirmed that 10 people had corona. Given the corona’s characteristics, it was certain when they were tested. From these 41 people, other lovers have been threatened with the spread of the coronavirus.