Covid-19: 1169 deaths within 24 hours in America

Washington: The world big brother America has been hit by a coronavirus. In the last 24 hours, 1169 people have been victims of coronavirus. Data from Johns Hopkins University said. This is the highest death toll in a single day since the Coronavirus began to spread.

In the US, 6,075 people have been infected with the coronavirus. The highest incidence of infection is also in the US. About 2,26,374 people have infected with the coronavirus so far.

There have been rumors that US President Donald Trump infected by Corona. After the medical examination, the White House confirmed that the president was not infected. Now that Trump has taken a medical test for the second time, this time it has been negative.

Donald Trump has no symptoms of illness. He is in good health, according to a White House doctor. Trump’s doctor, Sean Conley, has reported this. Certainly, the corona did not spread to the US president in a second medical examination.

Trump was tested by the Point of Care test and the report came in just 15 minutes. Conley said the Kovid-19 has been negative.