Corona dread background; China has finally banned animal meat

China; The Chinese government has banned the sale of cat and dog meat in meat shops, after the dread background of deadly coronavirus.

The coronavirus has spread to the entire world today. The virus, spread by a meat shop in Wuhan, China, currently haunts 196 countries. About 400,000 people are infected with this infection and about 8 lakh people are getting treatment for it. The death toll in India has crossed 50.

China has spread this coronavirus. All kinds of animal meat are consumed in China, with a distinctive and strange diet in the whole world. Lizards, snakes, bats, cats, dogs, and some species of worms are eaten by the people. All kinds of meats are available in the meat market.

The coronavirus spread from the meat shop is confirmed. In this context, China’s Shenzhen province has banned the sale of dog and cat meat.