Corona Virus: UAE instructs 33 lakh Indians to return to their nationals

DUBAI: The fate of 33 lakh Indians who work there is in the backdrop of the UAE’s directive to return their nationals in the UAE to curb the spread of coronavirus infection.

The UAE is considering imposing stringent sanctions on countries that are reluctant to call back their citizens who are working in the country.

Many countries in the UAE are hesitant to call back their citizens, and the government, which has been pushing for action, has decided to impose a quota system shortly. The top government officials of the UAE have reported that they have also decided to abandon the agreement with other countries.

The UAE report, meanwhile, said it would restructure cooperation and labor relations with countries that did not call on their citizens.

Kuwait Immigrants and visa holders to leave the country by April 30 in this epidemic. Also, it said there would be no penalties till that date.

The Indian embassy in Kuwait is in touch with officials in this regard, Indian government sources said.

The Indian diaspora community of about 33 lakh is the largest ethnic community in the UAE, comprising about 30% of the country’s population. Kerala has the largest number of respondents in the UAE, followed by Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

These options are being considered because many countries have not responded to the request of their nationals to return home due to an outbreak of coronavirus infection, a top UAE government official said.