America Stopped Funding WHO

WASHINGTON – The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned early in the year that a worldwide coronavirus virus is rapidly spreading when it is first discovered in China. But the US has stopped funding the WHO for failing to provide adequate information to the world.

When the coronavirus virus first appeared in China, the WHO failed to close and vigorously prosecute the case, with no prior warning. US President Donald Trump has sparked fears that the WHO could have prevented the virus from spreading in the world if it had been properly informed.

Speaking to the media at the White House, Trump said the WHO had failed to provide information about Corona. “We have been instructed to discontinue funding provided to the WHO,” he said.

Coronavirus is spreading out of control in America. Trump is upset that the WHO has not warned his country, despite the threat, and has not strictly taken action.

He also accused the WHO is acting on behalf of China. The WHO is heavily funded by the US. The American people funded the World Health Organization more. Last year, the company contributed US $ 400 million ($ 3,056 crore). The US provides 400 to 500 million US dollars to the WHO each year. But China pays WHO less than US $ 40 million. Trump, however, alleges that the WHO favors China.

WHO does not properly inform the world about coronavirus. The WHO must work to promote friendship between nations. The world should be informed of the state of the nation. But in the country where the WHO Corona Virus originated, what new rule is being followed? What happened to the discovery of scientists? Doctors do not provide information about how doctors work. Trump is worried that the WHO stands for China.

Corona currently has 1,17,217 victims worldwide. Most of them have died in America. More than 25,000 deaths in the US and 5,94,207 infections have been reported. It has ravaged the financial system globally.