Covid-19: Death toll 1,500 in China and 242 killed in one day in Hebei Province

BEIJING, Feb. 13; – 242 people were killed in a single day in Hebei province, the focal point of the deadly coronavirus (Kovid-19) infection that has wreaked havoc across China.

The death toll due to the Killer Corona attack is close to 1,500. Also, there are fears that an estimated 15,000 new people will be infected and the death toll will rise further.

The death toll is rising in the province of Hebei, the focal point of the Deadly Coronavirus. As of today, 242 people have died from the deadly infection, with the death toll reaching 1,500.

Also, about 15,000 Chinese have been infected with the coronavirus, leaving over 55,000 victims.

China continues to fight with the support of the World Health Organization and other countries for the prevention of coronavirus, but the number of victims of coronavirus continues to rise.

The province of Hebei is the death home, where an average of 100 people die each day. However, the death of 242 people since yesterday has set a new record, creating an atmosphere of fear and panic.