Collaboration between MoRD and Amazon for online marketing of SHG products

May 12:

An MoU between the Ministry of Rural Development and Amazon Seller Services Private Limited (Amazon) was signed at Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi today in presence of Shri Giriraj Singh – Union Minister of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Department, and Shri Nagandra Nath Sinha, Secretary- Rural Development.

The following members signed and exchanged the MoU:

  • Sh. Charanjit Singh, Joint Secretary-RL-1, Ministry of Rural Development
  • Sh. Sumit Sahay – Director, IN Marketplace Business, Amazon Seller Services Private Limited

During the course of the signing of the MoU, Union Minister Shri Giriraj Singh stressed translating the MoU between MoRD and Amazon to achieve sales on the platform and ensuring that the maximum number of women artisans become ‘lakhpati’. He also suggested that both Amazon and MoRD should identify the challenges with the existing products, their packaging, and branding.  The Minister also said that the MoU between MoRD and Amazon is the first step and should be followed by regular monitoring of the engagement to ensure the results that are envisaged in the MoU.

It is envisaged that this alliance will enable SHG entrepreneurs under NRLM to offer their products to buyers across India through AmazonSaheli Storefront and help SHG women achieve a good price for their varied products.

To further facilitate the marketing of SHG products, NRLM is creating an alliance with Amazon Saheliand both the entities signed a non-Financial MoU to offer SHG women the Storefront of Amazon Saheli.  This will open a new platform for making SHG products available to all Indian buyers on Amazon.

Following are the salient features of the MoU signed today for supporting the SHG products selling through the Amazon Saheli Storefront platform:

  • Amazon & MoRD will jointly enable the Commercial and social development of women-led rural enterprises across identified States/UTs
  • Amazon will provide Training & Onboarding support to MoRD appointed sellers to list products from Self Help Groups (SHGs) associated with MoRD on Amazon. in
  • Amazon will offer Referral fee waiver, imaging & cataloging, and account management support at launch to mitigate a cold start for SHGs
  • Amazon will help market and promote products listed by SHGs through the Saheli Storefront, Social media, Events, and Onsite merchandising
  • MoRD (through respective SRLM) will help identify and apprise GST verified sellers to sell on Amazon. in, and assist the sellers in securing GST, PAN, etc.
  • MoRD & Amazon will conduct joint workshops for awareness creation and assist the sellers in listing their products and unlocking growth levers to grow their business on Amazon. in

DAY-NRLM has taken a number of steps to support SHGs in accessing markets for their products. There have been efforts by States/UTsalso in getting SHG products registered on e-commerce platforms. e.g, Flipkart, Amazon and Meesho etc. This includes dedicated web portals managed by some of the States. The potential e-commerce platforms have been explored and specific provision such as “the Saras Collection” has been created at Government e-Marketplace (GeM) for NRLM SHGs to onboard their curated products.  As of April 30, 2022, a total of 1088 products have been uploaded at GeM by 455 SHGs/ SHG members. Similarly, there are 445 products from 114 SHG sellers on board Flipkart representing 14 States. 


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