PM Modi congratulates on Centenary Celebration of Jordan

Apr 13: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi congratulated His Majesty King Abdullah II and people of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the state of Jordan through a video message.

In his video message, the Prime Minister expressed his heartiest congratulations and warm greetings to His Majesty King Abdullah II and the people of Jordan. Prime Minister Modi hailed the far-sighted leadership of His Majesty, under whom Jordan has achieved sustainable and inclusive growth, and remarkable developments in economic and socio-cultural fields. Highlighting the key role of His Majesty King Abdullah-II in the promotion of peace in West Asia, the Prime Minister noted that Jordan has today emerged as a powerful voice and global symbol of moderation in an important region of the world.

Noting the deepening of relations between India and Jordan, the Prime Minister fondly recalled the historic visit of His Majesty King Abdullah-II to India in 2018, during which His Majesty had reiterated the Amman message of 2004 of tolerance, unity, and respect for human dignity.

The Prime Minister noted that India and Jordan were united in the belief that moderation and peaceful co-existence were essential for peace and prosperity. He stressed that the two sides would continue to walk side by side in their joint efforts for a greater future for all humanity.

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