2 new books launched under Mylo the Mongoose Series

Nov 8: After restricted outing for almost 6 months, along with the adults, kids are also moving towards a new normal, adapting to the new routine, new ways of studying, socializing, playing, and keeping themselves occupied. In an attempt to make the transformations fun and easy, the Children’s Books division of Navneet Education Limited has launched two new books, titled, “Till We Hug Again” and “Mylo Discovers The Real Superheroes”, under the Mylo The Mongoose series. 
About the books:
Till we hug again – A pandemic is a difficult situation for most people, especially for children who are unable to understand the magnanimity of the problem. This story explores the dilemma of a child who must unlearn the way he has been engaging in social activities because of the current situation. It further illustrates adaptation to the ‘new normal’ by learning how to remain connected with loved ones despite maintaining social distancing.      

The Real Superheroes – While the adults understand what it is to be living in the times of crisis caused due to a pandemic, for children it is almost impossible to grasp the havoc and its reasons. This book explores the lockdown situation from a child’s perspective, reassuring the child and putting an end to the fears that disturb the child’s mind. It explains the need for safety to children in simple language, and also helps them appreciate and thank Corona warriors who are helping society in these troubled times.

Commenting on the launch of the new books, Shailendra Gala, Managing Director, Navneet Education, said, “We at Navneet have undertaken various projects to ease the transition to the new normal. Addition of new books to the Mylo series is one of the several efforts to help children accept the sudden changes in their lives. It is known that picture books help children learn faster and we used the same technique to teach them the norms of new normal.” 

Commenting on the launch of the new books, Prriety Gosalia, Publication Head, Children’s books, Navneet Education, said, “Navneet is known for providing top-notch, engaging, content for children. We have received an exceptionally good response for our other books in the series. With the current scenario, where the lockdown is affecting everyone, we believe it is also our responsibility to help children deal with the difficult situation better, with curated content. We hope to receive a similar, heart-warming response, on our new books.” 
Mylo Series are picture storybooks about social-emotional issues that can help kids think deeply about feelings and social issues. The story plots of Mylo storybooks help children develop empathy, talk about their feelings, and identify with others.
Mylo is a Toddler mongoose. Toddlers have a lot of triumphs and challenges in this growing age, with this series of Mylo the mongoose, we help our little ones make a connect and learn a lesson. By hearing his stories, they will relate to Mylo’s experiences and also build a lifetime bond with reading. Mylo the mongoose is like most toddlers. He is exuberant, curious, and funny. He is adventurous, he is always ready to learn! 

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