Government to set up Neutrino Observatory

Sep 21: MOS Atomic Energy and Space, DrJitendra Singh today said in a written reply in Lok Sabha that Government has a proposal to set up Neutrino Observatory in the country.

India based Neutrino observatory (INO) will observe neutrinos produced in the atmosphere of the Earth. This observation will tell us more about the properties of neutrino particles, whose main source is the Sun and the Earth’s atmosphere. The neutrino detector will be a magnetized iron calorimeter, which will be the heaviest one made by any country. The site identified is in Bodi West Hills, in Theni district, Tamil Nadu.

As per the information provided by the Department of Science and Technology, State-wise number of observatories are as follows:

  1. Karnataka             –   Six Astronomical observatories.
  2. Uttarakhand- Four Observatories for study of Astronomy & Astrophysics and Atmospheric Studies.
  3. Indian Institute of Geomagnetism (IIG) operates strategically located Magnetic Observatories across the country as follows:
  1. Andhra Pradesh – One
  2. Tamil Nadu – One
  3. Assam – One
  4. Meghalaya – One
  5. Gujarat – One
  6. Maharashtra – One
  7. Rajasthan – One
  8. Jammu & Kashmir – One
  9. Uttar Pradesh – One
  10. Andaman & Nicobar Island (UT) – One
  11. Puducherry (UT) – One.

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