No to screen games, and YES!!! to board games

Sep 2: Pioneers in educational content in India for six decades, Navneet Education Limited has launched educative board games to make learning fun for those in the age group of 3 to 9 years.

With the consumption of digital media replacing conversations and other human touchpoints, it is imperative for children to interact in person and use their cognitive abilities for mental and social development. Board games are an effective way to apply their skills and enhance development. They improve concentration and creativity, enriching children with essential skills. The games help in decision making, social interaction and critical thinking – all vital for children’s personal and social development.

The board games launched by Navneet Education are designed to enhance problem-solving skills, strategic thinking and executive functions like working memory, inhibitory control and cognitive flexibility. These brain-boosting games ensure young minds stay exercised and stimulated. Each game is built on a unique concept:

Red and Rusty’s Farm: English-based game for children of 3 to 6 years to enhance their vocabulary as children ‘frolic’ with farm animals.
Ollie’s Orange Orchard: A refreshing new approach to phonics for your little one aged 3 to 6 years as they enter a new world of words.
Cats ’n’ Snapper: For budding math wizards. Designed for those in the 5 to 8 (Level 1) and 7 to 8 (Level 2) age group, it helps children excel at addition and subtraction.
Fruity Frolic: General knowledge-based trump card game for those in the 6 to 9 age group.
Foxed: For those over 8 years of age, it aims to make children masters of multiplication.
Mundo: For those over 9 years of age, it teaches children about the cities of the world.
The games are gender-neutral and steer clear of stereotypes.
Available on Amazon, Firstcry and Flipkart for easy, touch-free purchase.

Shailendra Gala, Director, Navneet Education, said: “We believe in evolving with time. The launch of these board games is another step towards enabling learning and play. They are designed for various age groups, are interactive and fun, and enable learning. We are excited about the launch.”
Prriety Gosalia, Publication Head, Children’s books, Navneet Education, said: “We strongly believe that when logical thinking is supported with activity, children progress. Our games will build higher-order thinking skills, cognitive flexibility, life skills and much more. Each game has a unique USP, and for children, it will be entertaining, engaging, and exciting, and therefore will stimulate eager involvement.”

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