75th Anniversary of the Great Victory in WWII: Shared Responsibility to History and our Future

Jun 19: “75 years have passed since the end of the Great Patriotic War. Several generations have grown up over the years. The political map of the planet has changed. The Soviet Union that claimed an epic, crushing victory over Nazism and saved the entire world is gone. Besides, the events of that war have long become a distant memory, even for its participants”

This was how Russian President Vladimir Putin penned his 26 page letter to the world collating his thoughts on the Russian approach to the Second World War and the activities pre & post the war and until now.

According to the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of India H. E. Nikolay R Kudashev, he termed it as “The article represents the Russian Approach to the historic and political meaning of the World War II and the reflection of its outcomes for the prospects of the future world order”. He also said “It also highlights vital importance of the collective response to the current global challenges”

The article touches upon an variety number of topics right from the outcomes of the World War I, Setup of League of Nations and its Failure, Growth of Hitler, Factors that led to the World War II, The World War II itself, the Role and Activities of Soviet in ensuring the victory in the World War II, The setup of United Nations and further on.

However in his article, Putin did point his unhappiness in few elements such as the world failing to recognize the immense role of Soviet Union in the WWII and credit being given to the US and others, Calls to abolish the Veto power given to the 5 countries and Economy being used as an instrument of pressure and confrontation

He finally ends the article by proposing an Upcoming summit of Five (5 veto countries of the UN) to find common answers to modern challenges, and threats and to demonstrate a common commitment to the spirit of alliance, to those high humansitic ideals and values for which the earlier generations fought the world wars.

The entire text of the article can be downloaded here