MISSP to strengthen India – Swiss commercial relations

April 29: Momentum in India – Swiss SMEs Program (MISSP) 2.0 plans to provide a platform for strengthening India-Switzerland commercial relations. The System which is a facilitative platform led by the Embassy of India in Switzerland aims to connect Swiss SME’s to connect with the Vibrant New India.

There have been many activities that are being explored between India and Switzerland.

Major exports from India are in the areas of Chemicals, Stone and Glass, Machinery and Electricals, Transportation, Metals, Vegetables, Hides and skins, Footwear, Raw materials.

Major Imports from Switzerland are in the areas of Animal, Footwear, Minerals, Hides and skins, Textiles and Clothing, Food Products, Dairy Products, Plastic or Rubber, Wood.

More information can be acquired from info@indiaties.in