Thailand announces automatic extension of temp Visas until 31st July

April 27: Thailand government has given a green signal for non-thai citizens who are on a temporary visa in the country to be given an automatic extension of their visas until 31st July in view of COVID19 lockdown.

The visas will be automatically processed by the Immigration Bureau and the non-citizens who are staying do not have to manually extend the visa or submit any documents or do a 90-day reporting. They have also waived off the fees on the same

The special rules are applied for the following types of VISAs

Immigrants permitted to take up residency: The period for reentry has been extended beyond 1 year. Once the situation is resolved such person must return within the period of time specified by the government

Immigrants permitted to temporarily stay: The permitted period of stay and notification of 90-day report shall be extended from 1st May 2020 to 31st July 2020. Once the situation is resolved such person must apply for visa extension and do a 90-day reporting as specified by the regulations

Immigrants holding border pass: The permitted period of stay shall be temporarily extended until the border checkpoints are opened. Once the border checkpoints are opened such person must depart within 7 days.

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