Helicopter crash in Taiwan: Deaths of 8 dignitaries, including the head of the military forces

Taipei, Jan3 : Helicopter crash in the outer zone of the capital, Taipei, has left 8 dead, including the head of the Taiwan Army forces, General Shan-e-Yi-ming (62).

Five other officers were rescued from a UH-60M Black Hawk combat helicopter that crashed in a mountainous area.

Ming and 12 other military personnel were aboard a Black Hawk helicopter to take part in the New Year’s celebration organized by the capital, Taipei, in the northeastern city of Ilan this morning. There were also some high-ranking officers.

The helicopter lost contact with radar shortly after the flight from Taipei. It was later discovered that the helicopter crashed in the mountainous region.

The Defense Ministry confirmed that the Taipei Army Chief and 8 other army officers were killed when security personnel confirmed.

Five soldiers were injured and rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Ming was a highly skilled and competent commander of the Taiwan Air Force. The Chinese army repeatedly fired at the border and stormed the communist country in a bold reply.

Taiwanese courtiers mourn the tragic death of Ming.