Conflict between the two countries turned into emergency

Tehran, June 6 – The conflict between the two countries have turned into further disaster following the assassination of Iran’s Commander-in-Chief, Kasim Sulaimani, as the threat of mutual terror is exchanged.

Iran is on the verge of retaliating against the US in response to President Donald Trump’s statement threatening to launch a horrific attack on Iran.

Iran has identified 35 different sites in the United States for each attack, with a red flag hovering of its mosque.

According to Shia tradition, a red flag hoisted on the mosque is an act of vengeance.

Iranian President Sulaimani’s daughter questions who will avenge her father’s blood. Rouhani responded and reassured that we would retaliate.

Iran has identified 35 major US assets. It also sent a message about retaliating by hoisting a red flag on the holy dome at the Jamkaran Mosque in Khome city, about 150 km from Tehran.