Plywood not at all a costly commodity

Nov 30: “Smart Plywood Buying Guide”, a book authored by Mr. Akhilesh Chitlangia, is a must read for those planning to get interiors done for their home or office. Since Plywood is at the core of home interiors and decides its life span, Mr. Chitlangia recommends Indians to spend more time researching to buy plywood. “You spend maximum time, much more than even with your close family members, with your home or office interiors. Therefore, please do get to know the plywood more intricately,” exclaims Mr. Chitlangia.
After completing his education from the Boston University, USA, Mr. Akhilesh Chitlangia joined his family legacy plywood business. He was shocked to see that consumers, who invest crores in buying a house and lakhs in its interiors, do not invest any time to finalise the right plywood. “The incremental cost if you go for a branded plywood is just 1% of your interior cost. So, it makes economic sense also to invest a little time in buying the right plywood,” recommends Mr. Chitlangia.
Written in the simplest English and Hindi languages, the book has insightful details and draws from in-depth sector knowledge. It starts from giving basic insight on wood being environment friendly as compared with other building materials and then goes on to describe how plywood is made making it a durable option. One wrong decision in selection of plywood can lead to a major loss of money, time and, of course, peace of mind. Going further deep, the book talks of different types of plywood, by wood source type and weighs pros and cons of each type. The book also educates about resins, the very critical ingredient in making of plywood and its impact on the health of the end consumers, another reason why one should buy branded plywood. The book describes a variant of plywood – blockboard and where either of these products should be used. The book also talks about how to identify the right type of marine ply.
Announcing the launch of Hindi language of the book, author Mr. Akhilesh Chitlangia, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Duroply, said, “My mission is to see that Indians start focussing on buying the right plywood for their interiors as interiors last generations. This is only possible when one buys the right plywood. I decided to author this book by putting together all the industry insights and hidden secrets I could gather from my family’s 65+ years legacy business. I have also provided readers with comparisons of different products, and how to identify the correct product for you. I hope that our consumers will start paying due attention to this aspect that will end up benefiting them in multiple ways.”
“Everyone needs to read this book because we all buy Plywood at some point or the other, and this book lets us into all the secrets that only insiders and experts know,” added Mr. Chitlangia.
The book busts the myth that buying unbranded plywood and blockboard will save money. On the contrary, the unbranded plywood may invite termites or may lead wood to swell leading to huge cost – both financially and peace of mind of the consumer.
The book is a must read for everyone as almost everyone gets interiors done for themselves – for their home or office or for other purposes. In addition, anyone associated with the building construction industry should always keep a copy of this book with them to be well versed with the nuances of plywood.
The book is available on various sites like Amazon and Flipkart. However, as Mr. Chitlangia has written this book as a social service, he has made this available free for one and all for a limited time. Anyone can download English and Hindi language book from the site

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