80 American soldiers killed in Iranian missile attack: Iran media

Tehran: 80 American terrorists have been killed in Iran’s 15 missiles, targeting US forces in Iraq’s airspace, Iran State Television reports.

Iran said it could not intercept any of our missiles. According to Revolutionary Guards sources, Iran is targeting a hundred other areas if the US responds.

US helicopters and military equipment were damaged in Iranian missiles, the report said.

Iran missile strikes on US-allied forces in Iraq on Wednesday. Recently, US military commanders attacked and killed Iranian military commander Qasim Soleiman. Iran says it has launched a missile attack to retaliate against the US.

The assassination of military general Qasim Soleimani will not be avenged. The missile attack is a warning to the US. Iran warned that if the US responded, we would have to resort to more violent attacks.

Iranian-owned TV has reported that Iran has demanded that the US withdraw its troops from Central Asia.

Now America knows our power. “The time has come for US troops to come back from Central Asia,” Iranian army general Mohammed Bagheri said in a statement.