Smart helmet for police in China over Corona obstruction

Beijing: Corona has overtaken China, killing more than three thousand people in China alone, China is innovating new technology to prevent deaths, and now smart helmets are being introduced for police.

These smart helmets are already used by Chinese police, and these helmets automatically detect pedestrian body temperature. If the body temperature of the pedestrian fluctuates while the police are on the lookout, an immediate hospitalization system is in place. China has declared war against the coronavirus.

Smart helmets show the body temperature of the pavement to the police within seconds. This is known to cause fluctuations in body temperature. It is then known that the disease is present, which then facilitates hospitalization for treatment. Keeping this idea, China continues to fight Corona.

This Smart Helmet Functional Video is now going viral on social media and getting lots of praise. Cameras in smart helmets can help prevent disease by detecting a man’s body temperature. There is an opinion that China has found a good way to curb the corona.

As shown in the video, the body temperature of a man looking at the police appears on the glass screen of a helmet. Through this the police can detect the person with the disease. The cameras of this helmet show the body temperature of any individual within 5 meters. There is also an alarm sound system.