India-Bangladesh meet to discuss Water Resources issues

Mar 17: The India-Bangladesh Water Resources Secretary level meeting under the framework of the Joint Rivers Commission took place on 16 March 2021 at New Delhi.The Indian delegation was led by Shri Pankaj Kumar, Secretary (Water Resources, RD &GR). The Bangladesh delegation was led by Mr. Kabir Bin Anwar, Senior Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources.

Noting that India and Bangladesh share 54 common rivers which directly impact the livelihood of people in the two countries, both sides commended the close cooperation that exists between India and Bangladesh in the matter.

Both sides agreed to expand cooperation across entire gamut of water resources issues including framework for sharing of river waters, mitigation of pollution, river bank protection, flood management, basin management etc. A Joint Technical Working Group will provide inputs on the matter.

The discussions were substantive and held in a cordial atmosphere. Both sides agreed to schedule the next meeting at Secretary level under JRC framework at Dhaka at mutually convenient dates.

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