Russia condems America’s new Anti-Russian Sanctions

Mar 4: Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova made a statement on the new US anti-Russia sanctions condemning it. In her statement she said

The US Administration, teamed up with the EU, has made a hostile move towards Russia by announcing new sanctions “to punish Moscow.” Having become enmeshed in its own domestic problems, the White House is again trying to cultivate the image of an external enemy. We have repeatedly commented on this US policy which lacks logic and common sense. It is increasingly aggravating bilateral relations that Washington has already brought to a complete halt.

Absurdity triumphs when the reason behind the sanctions is based on Alexey Navalny’s alleged “poisoning” with some toxic “chemical warfare” agent. This is just a pretext for the continuing undisguised interference in our domestic affairs, and we will not accept this. Based on the principle of reciprocity, we will respond but not necessarily with symmetrical measures.

We can only assume that the US administration does not realise that times have changed and that in the current geopolitical realities attempts to dictate one’s will to others are counterproductive for those who are unable to quit this approach. Instead of instigating a new round of confrontation the US should concentrate on the honest implementation of its commitments, for example, on the destruction of its chemical weapons, weapons Russia hasn’t possessed since 2017.

Apparently, our US colleagues find it difficult to understand and accept the
idea that their claims to exclusivity are baseless. Any hopes to impose something on Russia by way of sanctions or other pressure have failed in the past and will fail now.

If the US is not ready for an equitable and reasonable dialogue, this is their choice. Regardless of the US’s enthusiasm for sanctions we will continue to consistently and resolutely uphold our national interests and rebuff any aggression. We urge our colleagues not to play with fire. As a serial violator of international treaties and agreements on arms control and the non-proliferation of weapons, Washington is, by definition, deprived of the moral right to “lecture” others.

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