Market Analysis & Forecast for 10th February



 OPEN:  15,164.15 HIGH: 15,257.10
LOW:  15,064.30 CLOSE: 15,109
LOWER RANGE:  15,050 UPPER RANGE: 15,150

NIFTY broke the psychological resistance and managed to hold the level. Now before market closing, Nifty has witnessed heavy selling pressure from DII. FII: +1300 Cr Vs DII: -1756 Cr. We have to observe the level along with volume data.


Nifty upper range is 15,150. If the upper range is broken we can see a potential uptrend till 15,600 and the lower range is 15,050. If the lower range is broken then support is at 14,200. Upside movement we may observe till 15,400.


DMART2887Buy above this price, buy price triggered
ITC220Buy above this price, buy price triggered.
TECHM990Buy above this price, 990.


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