India is a lifesaver for neighboring countries

New Delhi: India on Thursday sent life-saving drugs hydroxychloroquine and paracetamol to neighboring countries to fight corona.

The government has sent medicines to Bhutan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Mauritius, and some other African countries, 5 tonnes of drug was sent to Sri Lanka on Tuesday via Air India.

India has cleared the restriction on exports of drugs to the United States, Spain, Brazil, Bahrain, Germany and Britain. These countries had previously signed up with Indian pharmaceutical companies to supply hydroxychloroquine and paracetamol. The drug is being exported under this agreement.

“The Ministry of Commerce has notified the relevant authorities on the export of drugs,” Officials said. With the increasing number of corona cases in India, foreign exports are being accepted by special economic zones. This move was taken by the Government of India as the need for medical assistance would increase in the coming days.

US President Donald Trump has tweeted a thank you to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who cleared the restriction on hydroxychloroquine export. India is also concerned about the drug demand in the Gulf countries. “With the Indo-Pacific countries such as Britain, Spain and Italy, the status quo from Corona is very bad.

Pak’s ploy to stop India’s leadership:

Pakistan has taken a new step to prevent India from taking the lead in solving the Corona in the coalition of SAARC nations. Pak was a participant in a video convention meeting held between SAARC counterparts. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called on all SAARC countries to fight corona. But India has taken the lead in this task and the SAARC secretary is not involved. So we consider this to be a sarcasm activity, ”Pak said.