MEITY calls for EoI to setup Semiconductor FAB in the country

Dec 16: The government of India is showing interests in attracting investments for setting up of Semiconductor FABs in India. Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has issued an Expression of Interest (EoI) for Setting up / Expansion of existing Semiconductor Wafer / Device Fabrication (FAB) facilities in India or acquisition of Semiconductor FABs outside India. They have set 31 Jan 2021 as the last date for submission of EOI

Semiconductor manufacturing is a complex and research-intensive
the sector, defined by rapid changes in technology which require significant and sustained investment. However, Semiconductors are also at the heart of electronic products and constitute a significant part of the total value of Bill of Material (BOM)

Setting up of a FAB is a humungous activity and the Government had earlier failed and something that countries like China, Taiwan, and Korea have been in the fore front. This opportunity puts India not only in the Global picture but also provides the opportunity to setup Mobile Manufacturing facilities (not just assembling) and other Enabled Ecosystems to grow in the country such as IT Hardware, Automotive Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Medical Electronics, IoT and other devices

A FAB will help India to increase its share in global manufacturing of Electronic Devices and Support in achieving the US$ 5 Trillion Economy.

“Setting up Semiconductor Wafer / Device Fabrication (FAB) facilities in India is a long pending demand of Indian Electronic industry. This is another progressive initiative by the government. India can look forward to increasing its global manufacturing share in the ESDM sector. As confidence level of government is very high, so the Industry is also looking forward to contributing towards the Mission Atamanirbhar Bharat” says Mr. Jairaj Srinivas, Director General of Confederation of Indian MSME in ESDM & IT (CIMEI)

He further said, India will be looking forward to:

  • Create a strong R&D base in the country in the field of microelectronics
  • Design & Development of devices in cutting edge technology
  • Manufacture VLSI / MEMS based systems & sub-systems
  • Transform SCL as a Centre of Excellence in Microelectronics in the country

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